3 Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

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There are times when your boiler needs repairs, but the average homeowner isn't familiar with the warning signs. Any time a machine has failing parts, the entire system is weakened. The result is that repairs can cost more because other parts fail.

For instance, consider your automobile. When the oil gets dirty and grimy or there's not enough oil to cool the engine, it can cause the engine to entirely freeze up or "throw a rod". This means breakdown. The rod is a necessary part that has broken off. The engine is now worthless.

Extensive boiler repairs and early replacement can often be avoided if only some signs are recognized early. Also, keeping the boiler tuned-up at least once per year helps. More regular maintenance by a professional is the best preventative measure.

Watch out for these warning signs that your boiler needs repair. As soon as you notice them, don't delay in scheduling service!

1. Creosote Buildup On Wood Boilers & All Fireplace Chimneys

If you have a wood boiler or are responsible for one, creosote buildup is a common problem that can cause fire. Creosote is the black soot byproduct of wood burning. If it accumulates, it becomes glazed. Once this happens, it's very difficult to remove. It will create a back fire that blows back toward your home. A professional technician will need to clean the creosote from your boiler system.

In chimneys, creosote buildup will shoot flames from the chimney. Trisodium phosphate is a household cleaning agent which turns glazed creosote into an ash form. However, there is a process to this that needs to be done over a few weeks time until it turns to ash. Then it needs to be brushed out of the chimney.

2. Clogged or Pinched Gas Lines in Boilers

Call a technician for boiler repairs if you notice a gas line that is pinched. A gas line clog is not so easily detectable.

Look at the color of the flame to make sure it is pure blue. If it is yellow, red, or orange, it is a problem. The cause could be a clog in the gas line or a sensor issue.

3. Boiler Cycles On & Off Repeatedly

Your boiler should not keep cycling on and off. If your boiler short cycles, it is running for 3-5 minutes and then turning off for a couple of minutes before starting back up again. A boiler repair might be in your interest.

This could be due to any number of problems including a faulty thermostat, bad pump, or faulty valve. Be sure the boiler is kept clean with regular maintenance. You'll need a technician to troubleshoot your boiler problem and make repairs.

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